SakhiBeauty Salon introducing the effective keratin hair treatment

fb_20off_skGirls love their hair, and they wouldn’t it trade it for anything else in the world. There are the natural curls, wavy hair and straight hair.While you might occasionally complain about how you want your natural hair to be the other style, it doesn’t lessen the fact that somewhere deep down you do love the way it is. But that doesn’t provide very much of help when it comes to your zest of experimenting with different hairstyle and looks. Even after being completely aware of the risk of the damaging the hair, you couldn’t resist the temptation of straightening and curling. And, doing this regularly has definitely dulled and damaged your hair. Continue reading

Rejuvenate your itchy scalp and unmanegable hair! Follow Sakhi’s tips and see the magic!!!

Scalp is among the very sensitive and most neglected parts of the human body. Scalp therapy includes a scalp massage and deep conditioning from the tip of hairs to the roots. This also helps to get rid of dandruff and dead skin. The hair roots get lubrication and it increases their elasticity. Massaging helps to rejuvenate your hair and make them shine. If you suffer from itchy scalp, or flaky scalp, here’s what you can do… Continue reading

Sakhi beauty helps you look prettier on this Valentines! Sweep your loved ones off their feet!!!

Valentines, an official day to express love, it is believed though. On this day every girl wants to look the best of all. She fears that if she asks: “O mirror on the wall, who is prettiest of all?” The mirror may certainly not take her name. So she wishes to look beautiful! Well, we at Sakhi Beauty help you to change your look.

Let’s check step by step how to enhance your beauty on this very day!
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What is Japanese hair straightening?

A new type of straightening has crept into the USA over the last 4 years, called Japanese hair straightening. As the name suggests it originated in Japan and the process gives you permanently straight hair as opposed to the temporary straight hair provided by in-home strengtheners. In reality, it lasts about 6 months when your hair will need re-touching because of the hair growth. Among all the straightening methods Japanese hair straightening has got immense popularity among women. Continue reading