What is Japanese hair straightening?

A new type of straightening has crept into the USA over the last 4 years, called Japanese hair straightening. As the name suggests it originated in Japan and the process gives you permanently straight hair as opposed to the temporary straight hair provided by in-home strengtheners. In reality, it lasts about 6 months when your hair will need re-touching because of the hair growth. Among all the straightening methods Japanese hair straightening has got immense popularity among women.

It lasts for approximately 6 months, during this process your hair is shampooed, heated by heat lamps, blown out and flat ironed at least twice. After this process the hair becomes smooth, sleek and retextured.  After straightening you will be required to avoid moisture and contact with water for at least 48 hours. However, the good thing about this is that it gives the hair a rich natural texture even after getting treated with chemicals and heat for so many hours.

Sakhi is an experienced stylist when it comes particularly to Japanese hair straightening. We operate according to the client’s need, and do not wish to upset any of them by not utilizing the best that we could.

After straightening some products must be purchased in order to save your hair from sun and moisturizing factors like UV hair protective products and SPF sprays. Coloring your hair is not a good idea at least for one week after straightening.

Japanese hair straightening can be applied to all hair types with an exception to African hair, as these types of hair fail to withstand the intense heat process. The tighter the curls, the less dramatic and effective results can be seen. However, in all cases the hair becomes much more manageable and controllable.

Our stylists are specifically trained to work with hair straightening. Sakhi will be able to assess your hair and give you a recommendation on the basis of the assessment. Not all hair types are suited for traditional straightening.

This process is also known as thermal reconditioning, straight perm, and Yuko hair straightening. This process takes somewhere around 3 to 5 hours depending on the type of hair. The more thick, long or curlier your hair, the longer the whole process will take. A shampoo is started followed by a protection solution. Then a hair test and the chemicals will be applied at the last. After a couple of rinses, it’s topped with a protein mask and then small sections of the hair are ironed.

Japanese hair straightening will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine. People who get this straightening treatment will see a drastic reduction in their blow-dry time often resulting in wash and wear hair. This straightening is a little pricey as it’s a four step process and takes hours, but eventually gives a permanent straightened look, which you always dream about.