Play safe Holi. Care for your Hair & Skin.

Holi is the festival of fun, frolic and colors. Everyone in the town is all set to enjoy and have fun. But while playing Holi, one has to be very careful.  Remember one thing, while playing Holi, take proper care of your hair and skin too.

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Before going out to play, apply oil to your skin and hair, so that the color doesn’t seep into your skin or may cause rashes to your skin. Make sure you use eco-friendly colors. But if you are not using Eco friendly colors, make sure you stay away from chemical based colors. As far as possible use natural colors or light colors. Stay away from silver or tan colors. Apply moisturizer before going to play Holi.

Be careful about your eyes. Make sure while playing Holi, wet or dry, the color doesn’t enter your eyes. If it accidently enters your eyes, splash water in your eyes, till the color is washed off. DO NOT RUB your eyes. Pat your eyes dry with a clean cloth. Avoid using lens. Make sure you wear maximum clothes that cover your body. Avoid wearing jeans. As jeans stick to your skin, after they become wet, it may cause rash or any allergy to your skin. Make sure you wear loose clothes, that won’t stick to your body. Carry wet wipes, lip balm, sun block and small towel. This can help to keep your skin safe from the colors.

Now let’s look for hair care. Hair care is equally important like skin care.  Make sure you oil your hair, before playing Holi. Be generous on applying oil to your hair. The oil doesn’t let color to stay on your hair, and protect your hair from drying. The colors, if not natural or eco friendly are not only harmful for your skin, but hairs too. Apply hair oil, before and after playing Holi. Tie your hair up so that the color doesn’t reach your hair roots.  Colors dry up your hair, absorbing out the moisturizer. So wear cap or a scarf, if possible. Massage your hair with coconut oil or any hair oil you use.  Take precautions, and play safe Holi!

Sakhi Beauty wishes all a very happy and safe Holi!